IIT - Kharagpur, West Bengal, India

Day – 2 Presentation Schedule (7th July 2021 )

Serial No. Slot Day-2 PaperID Title of the Paper Author Details Time Start Time End Google Meeting ID (Same Id for each slot)
163 Day 2-1 266 Is massive MIMO good with practical power constraints? Shaik Rajak and Sunil Chinnadurai 09:00:00 09:12:00 https://meet.google.com/dyw-cgkp-uxv
164 Day 2-1 268 EEG Brainwave Emotion Detection Using Stacked Ensembling Method Vansh Jain, Kshitij Parab, Sharvari Kalgutkar and Reena Sonkusare 09:13:00 09:25:00
165 Day 2-1 271 Analysis of Dust Storm Concentration Levels in the United Arab Emirates using the second Modern-Era Retrospective analysis for Research and Applications (MERRA-2) Sarath Raj Nadarajan Assari Syamala, Anusha Santhosh and Rameela Ramesh 09:26:00 09:38:00
166 Day 2-1 272 A hybrid approach for feature selection based on global and local optimization for email spam detection Sumit Sharma and Chandrashekhar Azad 09:39:00 09:51:00
168 Day 2-1 275 Routing Criteria for Low Power and Lossy Networks Sneha Kamble and B R Chandavarkar 10:05:00 10:17:00
169 Day 2-1 540 IMAGE STEGANOGRAPHY FOR CONFIDENTIAL DATA COMMUNICATION S Sravani and R Ranjith 10:18:00 10:30:00
170 Day 2-2 278 LINK AND VOID AWARE ROUTING PROTOCOL FOR UNDERWTER ACOUSTIC SENSOR NETWORKS Pradeep Nazareth and B R Chandavarkar 09:00:00 09:12:00 https://meet.google.com/uet-tunc-uvd
171 Day 2-2 281 Marathi and Konkani Speech Recognition using Cross-Correlation Analysis Alvan Dmello, Aishwary Jadhav, Jui Kale and Reena Sonkusare 09:13:00 09:25:00
172 Day 2-2 282 3-way Authentication Approach for Agricultural IOT using IFTTT application Radhika Lama and Sandip Karmakar 09:26:00 09:38:00
173 Day 2-2 292 Comparison Of Three Routing Protocols In-Terms Of Packet Transfer Using IPv6 Addressing Rishav Pal, Rishabh Kushwaha, Rahul Singh Tomar and Ruchi Tripathi 09:39:00 09:51:00
174 Day 2-2 294 A process of finding common symptoms among PCOS patients through a survey Sumiya Islam, Nusrat Nabi, Sharun Akter Khushbu, Nushrat Jahan Ria, Abu Kaisar Mohammad Masum and Sheikh Abujar 09:52:00 10:04:00
175 Day 2-2 296 Defected Bitter Gourd Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network; a Computer Vision Approach to Reduce Cost and Time Md Mehedi Hasan, Khairul Alam, Md Newaz Ahmed Diganta, Arafat Ullah Nur, Md Tarek Habib and Farruk Ahmed 10:05:00 10:17:00
176 Day 2-2 544 Manhole Management using Image Processing and Data Analytics Anikait Adhya, Chinmay Bajpai, Kriti Thakur, Priya Chimurkar and Prashant Kasambe 10:18:00 10:30:00
177 Day 2-3 301 Exploiting Queue-driven Cache Replacement Technique for Thwarting Pollution Attack in ICN Vimala P, Narasimamallikarjunan K, Rajesh Alias Harinarayan R, S Mercy Shalinie, Dharani J and Abishek Joshua T 09:00:00 09:12:00 https://meet.google.com/vem-hnna-cnf
178 Day 2-3 309 Performance Evaluation and Comparison of Ensemble Based Bagging and Boosting Machine Learning Methods for Automated Early Prediction of Myocardial Infarction Md Azizul Hakim, Nusrat Jahan, Zannat Ara Zerin and Amena Begum Farha 09:13:00 09:25:00
179 Day 2-3 316 Wireless Technologies and their Compatibility Issues with Underwater Communications: A Survey Akhilraj V Gadagkar and B R Chandavarkar 09:26:00 09:38:00
180 Day 2-3 319 Restoration of Image using Discrete Wavelet Transform with Filtering Technique Srishty Dwivedi, Ram Narayan Yadav and Lalita Gupta 09:39:00 09:51:00
181 Day 2-3 320 State of art Research in Edible and Poisonous Mushroom Recognition Nushrat Jahan Ria and S M Saiful Islam Badhon 09:52:00 10:04:00
182 Day 2-3 322 Top-Down analysis based performance failure bucketing for Pre-Silicon simulation Bikash Kumar Moharana, Anirudh S Koushik and Kahkeshan Naz 10:05:00 10:17:00
183 Day 2-3 549 Towards 6G Communications: Architecture, Challenges, and Future Directions Purbita Mitra, Rouprita Bhattacharjee, Twinkle Chatterjee, Soumalya De, Raja Karmakar, Arindam Ghosh and Tinku Adhikari 10:18:00 10:30:00
184 Day 2-4 323 Compact Dual Circularly Polarized Swastika Shaped Antenna for L-band Small Satellite Applications Prashant Shah and Saurabh Kumar 09:00:00 09:12:00 https://meet.google.com/qjt-raxy-mef
185 Day 2-4 324 Swaragram based Residual Neural Architecture for Raag Identification in Indian Classical Music Yeshwant Singh and Anupam Biswas 09:13:00 09:25:00
186 Day 2-4 329 BERT-BASED BRAILLE SUMMARIZATION OF LONG DOCUMENTS Yamuna K, Shriamrut V, Drishti Singh, Vaishnavi Gopalasamy and Vivek Menon 09:26:00 09:38:00
187 Day 2-4 335 Sustainable Trendsetters: Up-cycling and Rejuvenation of Textile Apparels using Computational Technology Richa Gupta 09:39:00 09:51:00
188 Day 2-4 340 DISJOINT SET UNION FOR TREES Amit Yadav, Harsh Shokeen and Jitesh Yadav 09:52:00 10:04:00
189 Day 2-4 342 A Counter Measure to Prevent Timing-based Side-Channel Attack on FPGA Shyamapada Mukherjee, Swapnanil Kumar Saikia, Stuti Anand, Ritu Chouhan and Hiresh Das 10:05:00 10:17:00
190 Day 2-4 550 Counterfeit Currency Detection using Deep Learning Rucha Nargunde, Shashank Patel, Chaitya Shah and Surekha Dholay 10:18:00 10:30:00
191 Day 2-5 345 An Opinion Mining of Text in COVID-19 Issues along with Comparative Study in ML, BERT & RNN Md Mahadi Hasan Sany, Mumenunnessa Keya, Sharun Akter Khushbu and Sheikh Abujar 09:00:00 09:12:00 https://meet.google.com/dhd-hech-jmc
192 Day 2-5 346 AN ATTENTION ON SENTIMENT ANALYSIS OF CHILD ABUSIVE PUBLIC COMMENTS TOWARDS BANGLA TEXT AND ML Effat Ara Easmin Lucky, Md Mahadi Hasan Sany, Mumenunnessa Keya, Sharun Akter Khushbu and Sheikh Abujar 09:13:00 09:25:00
193 Day 2-5 353 Automatic Image Colorization using U-Net* Divyansh Goel, Sakshi Jain, Aryan Bansal and Dinesh Kumar Vishwakarma 09:26:00 09:38:00
194 Day 2-5 356 Efficient Way of Result Publication System by Using Cryptography Masab Hasnain, Tanzuma Afroz, Saifa Sabrina Mim and Abdus Sattar 09:39:00 09:51:00
195 Day 2-5 357 Prayer Activity Recognition Using Smartphone Tofayel Ahamed Topu, Md Mahafuzar Rahman, Md Sumon Hossain and Ahmed Al Marouf 09:52:00 10:04:00
196 Day 2-6 358 Artificial Intelligence‐ Enabled IoT for Health and Wellbeing Monitoring Navod Thilakarathne, W D M Priyashan and Chanaka Premarathna 10:05:00 10:17:00
197 Day 2-5 560 Development of a Real-Time Plant Species Recognizing Rover K Dineshraja and V Sathiesh Kumar 10:18:00 10:30:00
198 Day 2-6 364 Medication Alerts and supervisory of health using IOT Maguluru Surya Kumar 09:00:00 09:12:00 https://meet.google.com/iev-afvc-tjc
199 Day 2-6 369 Wireless Power Transfer using Audio Signal and Magnetic Induction Asifuzzaman and Abdus Sattar 09:13:00 09:25:00
200 Day 2-6 371 PROTECTION AND PREVENTION AGANIST “INSIDER”,THE MOSTLY COST TYPE OF ATTACK P Varsha Suresh and Minu Lalitha Madhav 09:26:00 09:38:00
201 Day 2-6 374 Personalized Music Recommendation System based on Streamer Streaming Trends Aadhar Dutta and Dinesh Vishwakarma 09:39:00 09:51:00
202 Day 2-6 375 Covid-19 Fake News Detector using Hybrid Convolutional and Bi-LSTM Model Pranav Surendran, Navyasree B, Harshitha Kambham and Anand Kumar M 09:52:00 10:04:00
203 Day 2-6 378 Speech Enhancement System for Automotive Speech Recognition Gokul Nair and Santhosh Kumar 10:05:00 10:17:00
204 Day 2-6 561 Non-invasive Machine Learning approach for classifying Blood Pressure using PPG Signals in COVID situation Sarath Sasidharan, Venkata Naga Sandeep Desu, Yuvaraj Madineni, Venkata Vijaya Raghavendra Immadisetty and Durga Siva Praveen Batta 10:18:00 10:30:00
205 Day 2-7 245 An Enhanced Stroke Prediction Scheme Using SMOTE and Machine Learning Techniques Ferdib-Al-Islam and Mounita Ghosh 09:00:00 09:12:00 https://meet.google.com/bpg-quuq-efr
206 Day 2-7 247 Brain-Computer Interfacing: Design of Virtual Keyboard Palak Sood and Rohit Dhiman 09:13:00 09:25:00
207 Day 2-7 249 Orange & Orange leaves diseases detection using Computerized Techniques Mayen Uddin Mojumdar and Narayan Ranjan Chakraborty 09:26:00 09:38:00
208 Day 2-7 260 Data Processing in IoT, Sensor to Cloud: Survey Sandeep M and B R Chandavarkar 09:39:00 09:51:00
209 Day 2-7 263 Machine Learning Techniques for Intelligent Transportation Systems-An Overview Santhiya R and Geethapriya C 09:52:00 10:04:00
210 Day 2-7 264 Physical Layer Security in Power Domain NOMA through Key Extraction Liya Mary Jacob, Sreelakshmi P and Deepthi P P 10:05:00 10:17:00
211 Day 2-7 536 Automatic Voice Synthesis System using Long Short-Term Memory and Google Mediapipe Ria Varghese, Reena Mary Cherian, Sanjana R Ninan, Nikita Arun and Anjusree V K 10:18:00 10:30:00
212 Day 2-8 265 Automating the Bypass of Image-based CAPTCHA and Assessing Security Krish Sukhani, Sahil Sawant, Sarthak Maniar and Renuka Pawar 09:00:00 09:12:00 https://meet.google.com/ijk-wwfh-kva
213 Day 2-8 267 Hand Gestures Recognition using Inertial Sensors Through Deep Learning Dhawal Mali, Atul Kamble, Shubham Gogate and Jignesh Sisodiya 09:13:00 09:25:00
214 Day 2-8 273 Hybrid Feature and Sequence Extractor based Deep Learning Model for Image Caption Generation Rohit Kushwaha and Anupam Biswas 09:26:00 09:38:00
215 Day 2-8 276 An Interpretable Prediction on the success of Mobile Apps using Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) Swetha K, Santhiya C, Mahalakshmi S and Padmavathi S 09:39:00 09:51:00
216 Day 2-8 279 A Deep Hybrid Approach For Hate Speech Analysis Vipul Shah, Sandeep Udmale, Vijay Sambhe and Amey Bhole 09:52:00 10:04:00
217 Day 2-8 283 A Survey Analysis of Student Attachment on Computer Science Towards Universities Purposes Rozanee Kanta Das, Alaya Refat Tinni, Tanjina Zaman Rinvee, Sharun Akter Khushbu, Abu Kaisar Mohammad Masum and Sheikh Abujar 10:05:00 10:17:00
218 Day 2-8 537 Road Analytics for Transportation Systems using Smartphone Application Hrishikesh Ugale, Pushpak Patil, Shubham Chauhan and Neeraj Rao 10:18:00 10:30:00
219 Day 2-9 285 Secure Web Accessibility Protocol for Challenged Users Abhinav Roy, Pranav Joglekar and Abhijit A M 09:00:00 09:12:00 https://meet.google.com/tfc-jpkn-zwf
220 Day 2-9 286 Bengali Words Classification by It’s Prefix Using Machine Learning Classifiers K M Shahriar Islam, Sharun Akter Khushbu, Abu Kaisar Mohammad Masum, Farzana Yesmin and Sheikh Abujar 09:13:00 09:25:00
221 Day 2-9 288 Machine Learning Approach to Predict Influence of Smoking on Student life Pranta Roy, Md Fahad Hossain and Nusrat Jahan 09:26:00 09:38:00
222 Day 2-9 290 Recommendation of product value by extracting expiry date using deep neural network Karthika Shanthini Mariappan, Chitra P, Abirami Sasindran, Aninthitha Ganesh and Abarna Pandiaraj 09:39:00 09:51:00
223 Day 2-9 293 Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for the Restoration-Classification network by Discrepancy Minimization Gudimella Sai Vennela and Priyanka Kumar 09:52:00 10:04:00
224 Day 2-9 298 Big Data: A Boom in biomedical sciences Divya Sharma and Yasha Hasija 10:05:00 10:17:00
225 Day 2-9 538 Intelligent Testing in Software Industry Anushka Lal and Girish Kumar 10:18:00 10:30:00
226 Day 2-10 380 Faster Region Based Convolutional Neural Network and VGG 16 for Multi-Class Tyre Defect Detection Ajinkya Pahinkar, Prajval Mohan, Ankita Mandal and Krishnamoorthy A 11:00:00 11:12:00 https://meet.google.com/dyw-cgkp-uxv
227 Day 2-10 385 Performance Analysis of 2x2 MIMO System for Alamouti STBC and Zero Forcing Equalization Purva Nikhate, Atul Deshmukh and Swapna Choudhari 11:13:00 11:25:00
228 Day 2-10 386 Analysis of Herd Immunity Using Vaccination and Recovery Data Sets Aysha Musthak Ahamed, Dr Senthil Velan S and Daifa Imtiyaz Wadekar 11:26:00 11:38:00
229 Day 2-10 401 Machine Learning Approach to Predict SGPA and CGPA Mohd Saifuzzaman, Masuma Parvin, Israt Jahan, Nazmun Nessa Moon, Fernaz Narin Nur and Syeda Farjana Shetu 11:39:00 11:51:00
230 Day 2-10 404 Dependency of routing protocol on pH and SNR in Underwater Communications Nihal Haneef, B R Chandavarkar and Pradeep Nazareth 11:52:00 12:04:00
232 Day 2-10 562 Face Mask Detection Using ACF Object Detector Akshay Bekkam, Puduri Revathi Sree and Sumalatha Rachapogula 12:18:00 12:30:00
233 Day 2-11 406 Real Time Object Detection using Machine Learning Md Moshiur Rahman, Shajeeb Chakma and Abdus Sattar 11:00:00 11:12:00 https://meet.google.com/uet-tunc-uvd
234 Day 2-11 410 Mitigating Neighborship Attack in Underwater Sensor Networks B R Chandavarkar, Abhashri Deshmukh and Sayali Deo 11:13:00 11:25:00
235 Day 2-11 411 MITIGATION OF SYBIL ATTACK IN UNDERWATER NETWORK Shantanu Kshatriya 11:26:00 11:38:00
236 Day 2-11 412 Intrusion Detection of Sinkhole Attack in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks Sanjana Palisetti, B R Chandavarkar and Akhil Raj V Gadagkar 11:39:00 11:51:00
237 Day 2-11 416 Mitigating Blackhole attack of Underwater Sensor Networks Dhruvi Zala, Dhaval Thummar and B R Chandavarkar 11:52:00 12:04:00
238 Day 2-11 417 Emotion Detection Using Bi-directional LSTM with an Effective Text Pre-processing Method Sumanathilaka Tgdk, Viggnah Selvaraj, Uddav Raj, Venkatesh Raju P and Jay Prakash 12:05:00 12:17:00
239 Day 2-11 563 STROKE PREDICTION USING SMOTE-TOMEK AND NEURAL NETWORK Chirag Rana, Nikita Chitre, Bhargavi Poyekar and Pramod Bide 12:18:00 12:30:00
240 Day 2-12 418 A Machine Learning Based Study to Predict Depression with Monitoring Actigraph Watch Data M Raihan, Anupam Kumar Bairagi and Shagoto Rahman 11:00:00 11:12:00 https://meet.google.com/vem-hnna-cnf
241 Day 2-12 419 Supply Chain Management with Demand Forecasting of Covid-19 Vaccine using Blockchain and Machine Learning Tamara Islam Meghla, Md Mahfujur Rahman, Al Amin Biswas, Jeba Tahsin Hossain and Tania Khatun 11:13:00 11:25:00
242 Day 2-12 420 Temperature- and SNR-based On Demand Routing Protocol for Underwater Communication Akash Nair and B R Chandavarkar 11:26:00 11:38:00
243 Day 2-12 421 Identification of Tomato Crop Diseases Using Neural Networks-CNN B Naresh Kumar Reddy 11:39:00 11:51:00
244 Day 2-12 423 Psychological Effects of Pandemic COVID-19 on Children and Adolescents Worldwide- A Case Study Nidhi Chahal 11:52:00 12:04:00
245 Day 2-12 425 Implementation of Segment Routing-Traffic Engineering over MPLS Abhishek Singh J, Sachin Kumar M R and Dr Shushrutha KS 12:05:00 12:17:00
246 Day 2-12 568 Automatic Bus Ticketing System Bangladesh Mohammad Monirujjaman Khan 12:18:00 12:30:00
247 Day 2-13 426 Implementation of Topology Independent Loop Free Alternate with Segment Routing Traffic Sachin Kumar M R, Abhishek Singh J and D Shushrutha KS 11:00:00 11:12:00 https://meet.google.com/qjt-raxy-mef
248 Day 2-13 429 Area efficient hardware implementation of skeletonization for 2D images Kajal Verma, Dr Toshan Meenpal and Kokila Bharti Jaiswal 11:13:00 11:25:00
249 Day 2-13 441 Analyzing Market Dynamics of Agricultural Commodities: A Case Study based on Cotton Nikhila Korivi, Jahfar Ali, Dr Sobin Cc, Neena Alex and Peteti Sravani 11:26:00 11:38:00
250 Day 2-13 442 Detox: NLP Based Classification And Euphemistic Text Substitution For Toxic Comments Somil Jain, Garima Kaushik, Pulin Prabhu and Anand Godbole 11:39:00 11:51:00
251 Day 2-13 443 An Empirical Study on Microfinance and its impact on Human Development indicators using the instance of Kerala's Kudumbashree Model Nisha Bhandari 11:52:00 12:04:00
252 Day 2-13 444 Simplified Formulation for Calculation of Thickness of a Single Layered Dielectric Material using Open Ended Rectangular Waveguide Gedam Priyanka 12:05:00 12:17:00
253 Day 2-13 569 Localization Improvement of Magnetic Induction based Wireless Sensor Network in Underground Oil Reservoir Anshu Ranjan and PH Ghare 12:18:00 12:30:00
254 Day 2-14 447 Real-Tıme Detectıon and Identification of Plant Leaf Dıseases usıng YOLOv4-tiny Abhishek Mohandas, Anjali M S and Rahul Varma 11:00:00 11:12:00 https://meet.google.com/dhd-hech-jmc
255 Day 2-14 452 Classification of Foot Thermograms using Texture Features and Support Vector Machine Josephine Selle Jeyanathan, G Arun Sai Kumar, K V M Vara Prakash and Vinod Boya 11:13:00 11:25:00
256 Day 2-14 455 REAL TIME PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION USING IMAGE PROCESSING Shyam Kumar Parimi and Ranjith R 11:26:00 11:38:00
257 Day 2-14 459 Numerical Simulation of Tin Halide Perovskite Solar Cell using Solar Cell Capacitance Simulator Md Ferdous Wahid, Rimi Pal, Dabashish Talukder and Md Nazmul Hasan 11:39:00 11:51:00
258 Day 2-14 463 Finding the Optimal Virtual Machine Setup for Nested Virtualization Prajval Mohan and Pranav Narayan 11:52:00 12:04:00
259 Day 2-14 464 Vehicle-NN A CNN Based Local Vehicle Detection Classifier Abida Ali, Umme Fariha Kabir and Nishat Sultana 12:05:00 12:17:00
260 Day 2-14 570 Attention based Image Captioning using Depthwise Separable Convolution Vikash Raja Mallick and Dinesh Nai K. 12:18:00 12:30:00
261 Day 2-15 466 Heuristics for the Generalized Graph Coloring Problem Anjeneya Swami Kare and Varun Kumar 11:00:00 11:12:00 https://meet.google.com/iev-afvc-tjc
262 Day 2-15 468 An Approach To Brain Tumor Detection Using Mask Region-Based Convolutional Neural Networks Avishek Mondal, Arnab Sardar and Rohini Basak 11:13:00 11:25:00
263 Day 2-15 472 Federated Learning For Estimating Air Quality Utkarsh Chinchole and Dr Shital Raut 11:26:00 11:38:00
264 Day 2-15 476 PREDICTION OF PARKINSON DISEASE USING FEATURE SELECTION AND MACHINE LEARNING TECHNIQUE Tamim Wasif, Md Inzamam Ul Hossain, Mariam Sultana and Asif Mahmud 11:39:00 11:51:00
265 Day 2-15 477 Channel Estimation in MIMO-OFDM and PAPR Reduction Gokul A, Mohith M, Niranjan M, Sarath J and Aswathy Nair 11:52:00 12:04:00
266 Day 2-15 478 Design of a Low-Cost Wearable Heart and Respiratory Rate Measurement Device Using an Arduino and Bluetooth Module Md Talat Mahmud, Faria Soroni and Mohammad Monirujjaman Khan 12:05:00 12:17:00
267 Day 2-15 572 Mitotic Nuclei Detection in Breast Histopathology Images using YOLOv4 Lekha S Nair, Ramkishor Prabhu R, Gowry Sugathan, Kiran V Gireesh and Akshay S Nair 12:18:00 12:30:00
268 Day 2-16 300 Demand Forecasting : Literature Review On Various Methodologies Chaitanya Ingle, Dev Bakliwal, Jayesh Jain, Preeyesh Singh, Preeti Kale and Vaibhav Chhajed 11:00:00 11:12:00 https://meet.google.com/bpg-quuq-efr
269 Day 2-16 303 Balanced Graph Partitioning based I/O Intensive Virtual Cluster Placement in Cloud Data Center Kamalesh Karmakar, Rajib K Das and Sunirmal Khatua 11:13:00 11:25:00
270 Day 2-16 304 Ovarian Cancer Classification from Pathophysiological Complications using Machine Learning Techniques Laboni Akter and Nasrin Akhter 11:26:00 11:38:00
271 Day 2-16 305 Performance Comparison of Multiple Supervised Learning Algorithms for YouTube Exaggerated Bangla Titles Classification Mirajul Islam, Nushrat Jahan Ria, Jannatul Ferdous Ani, Abu Kaisar Mohammad Masum and Sheikh Abujar 11:39:00 11:51:00
272 Day 2-16 306 Data Mining Techniques for Prediction System of Heart Disease Using Associative Classifications Md Sadeki Salman, Nazmun Naher Shila, Khalid Hasan, Piash Ahmed, Mumenunnessa Keya, Sharun Akter Khushbu and Sheikh Abujar 11:52:00 12:04:00
273 Day 2-16 308 Machine Learning Approach: Detecting Polycystic Ovary Syndrome & Its Impact on Bangladeshi Women Nusrat Nabi, Sumiya Islam, Sharun Akter Khushbu, Abu Kaisar Mohammad Masum and Sheikh Abujar 12:05:00 12:17:00
274 Day 2-16 539 ChainAccess: Blockchain based Web-Access through Biometrics Abel Jacob, Pratiyush Prakash, Prashant Karhana and Pravati Swain 12:18:00 12:30:00
275 Day 2-17 310 Ensuring Social Distancing using Artificial Intelligence: Distancia-the new normal Avita Katal, Ankit Saini and Anukruti Mathur 11:00:00 11:12:00 https://meet.google.com/ijk-wwfh-kva
276 Day 2-17 325 EXPLORING THE PROFICIENCY OF VIRTUAL LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES FOR LANGUAGE LEARNING Shreya Jhamb, Sandhya Java and Rida Ansari 11:13:00 11:25:00
277 Day 2-17 326 ICon: How Can We Intelligently Predict TCP Congestion? Twinkle Chatterjee, Raja Karmakar, Anuran Mitra, Arindam Ghosh and Sanjukta Bhattacharya 11:26:00 11:38:00
278 Day 2-17 327 Supervised Method Pursued For Overall Impact of Online Class During Lockdown in Bangladesh Md Rakibul Hasan, Md Hasan Imam Bijoy, Abu Kaisar Mohammad Masum, Sharun Akter Khushbu and Sheikh Abujar 11:39:00 11:51:00
279 Day 2-17 347 Machine Learning Algorithm to Predict Fraudulent Loan Requests Nusrat Jahan, Nazmul Hasan, Tanvir Anzum and Tareq Hasan 11:52:00 12:04:00
280 Day 2-17 348 Emotion Recognition in Speech Using Machine Learning Techniques Aarya Arun, Indu Rallabhandi, Swathi Hebbar, Ananya Nair and Jayashree R 12:05:00 12:17:00
281 Day 2-17 541 Design and Development of a Terrain Adaptive Mobile Robot Sahadeb Shit, Dibyendu Kumar Das and Dip Narayan Ray 12:18:00 12:30:00
282 Day 2-18 349 A Comprehensive Analysis on Multi-class Imbalanced Bigdata Classification Madhura Prabha R 11:00:00 11:12:00 https://meet.google.com/tfc-jpkn-zwf
283 Day 2-18 350 Reversible and Secured Image Watermarking Technique for IoMT Healthcare Kilari Jyothsna Devi, Priyanka Singh, Manyea Zakaria Gafaru and Ramesh Kumar Yadav 11:13:00 11:25:00
284 Day 2-18 351 Long Short Term Memory Networks for Lexical Normalization of Tweets Pratham Nayak, Gosu Praneeth, Rakshit Kulkarni and Anand Kumar M 11:26:00 11:38:00
285 Day 2-18 355 Divorce Prediction using Machine Learning Methods-Bangladesh Perspective Md Ashrafujjaman Tutul, Md Mehedi Hasan, Shashata Kumar Mondol, Moshaddek Hossain and Ahmed Al Marouf 11:39:00 11:51:00
286 Day 2-18 360 Design of a multi-functional communication interface for Low power applications Ravi Payal and Himanshu Gupta 11:52:00 12:04:00
287 Day 2-18 368 TEMPORAL DIFFERENCE LEARNING MODEL FOR TCP END-TO-END CONGESTION CONTROL IN HETEROGENEOUS WIRELESS NETWORKS Rahul Pradeep, Akhil Babu, Midhula K S and Arun Raj Kumar Parthiban 12:05:00 12:17:00
288 Day 2-18 543 Intelligent Learning Assistant using BERT and LSTM Sriharsha C, Rithwik Srk, Prahlad Kumar P and Lekshmi S Nair 12:18:00 12:30:00
289 Day 2-19 479 Test Automation and Continuous Integration using Jenkins for Smart Card OS Apeksha Deshpande, Dr Veenadevi S and Suresh Aleti 13:30:00 13:42:00 https://meet.google.com/dyw-cgkp-uxv
290 Day 2-19 480 Radiometric and Geometric Calibration for Ground based Synthetic Aperture Radar System Arunkumar Heddallikar, Jasperine James, Suyog Choudhari and Raymond Pinto 13:43:00 13:55:00
291 Day 2-19 483 A POWER EFFICIENT FPGA IMPLEMENTATION OF RCM-RW ON DIGITAL IMAGES Mahesh Gaganam, Toshan Meenpal and Kokila Bharti Jaiswal 13:56:00 14:08:00
292 Day 2-19 486 Improved Detection of Brain Tumor & Classification using CNN Rati Goel and Indira Adak 14:09:00 14:21:00
293 Day 2-19 488 Forecasting and Analysis of Train Delays and Impact of Weather Data using Machine Learning Gill Varghese Sajan and Priyanka Kumar 14:22:00 14:34:00
294 Day 2-19 490 Remote Medical Assistance for Marine Fishermen through OceanNet Podugu Rahul, Pasala Balaji Vamsi, Setu Karthik, Sai Shibu N B, Sethuraman N Rao and Naga Uday Kumar 14:35:00 14:47:00
295 Day 2-19 573 A Novel Hybridization Model for Human Activity Recognition using Stacked Parallel LSTMs with 2D-CNN for Feature Extraction Abdul Manaf F and Sukhwinder Singh 14:48:00 15:00:00
296 Day 2-20 494 DIABETES PREDICTION USING MACHINE LEARNING MODELS Nikita Chitre, Namrata Bhorade, Rishita Mote, Bhargavi Poyekar, Pradnya Topale and Sunil Ghane 13:30:00 13:42:00 https://meet.google.com/uet-tunc-uvd
297 Day 2-20 496 Design of a 5W X-Band GaN HEMT Power Amplifier Anish Vancha, Harshita Tolani, S C Bera and Sukwinder Singh 13:43:00 13:55:00
298 Day 2-20 502 Minimizing the Probability of Error in Cognitive Radio Networks Monika Yadav and Gaurav Verma 13:56:00 14:08:00
299 Day 2-20 504 A crosstalk-aware and energy-saving survivable RSCA for online prioritized traffic in SDM-EONs Smita Paira, Monish Chatterjee and Uma Bhattacharya 14:09:00 14:21:00
300 Day 2-20 506 On the Design of Variable Filtered-OFDM Based LDACS for Future Generation Air-to-Ground Communication System Subhabrata Roy and Abhijit Chandra 14:22:00 14:34:00
301 Day 2-20 507 Improved Variable Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm Ayush Mangukia, Mohammed Ibrahim, Soorya Golamudi, Nishant Kumar, Trupti Chandak and Anand Kumar M 14:35:00 14:47:00
302 Day 2-20 574 FPGA Implementation of D8PSK Demodulator Shilpashree M, Sourabh Ks, Chetan S and Manikandan J 14:48:00 15:00:00
303 Day 2-21 515 Gas Fee Reduction by Detecting Loop Fusible Patterns in Ethereum Smart Contract Kawaldeep Kaur and Meenakshi Tripathi 13:30:00 13:42:00 https://meet.google.com/vem-hnna-cnf
304 Day 2-21 518 Optimal Design of Stable IIR LPF by MVO Technique and Its FPGA Implementation Minal Bisen, SK Saha and R Kar 13:43:00 13:55:00
305 Day 2-21 524 Steering Angle Prediction for Autonomous Driving using Federated Learning: The Impact of Vehicle-To-Everything Communication Aparna M P, Gandhiraj R and Manoj Panda 13:56:00 14:08:00
306 Day 2-21 526 Short descriptive answer evaluation using word embedding techniques Sreevidhya V and Jayasree Narayanan 14:09:00 14:21:00
307 Day 2-21 527 V2X Based Emergency Corridor for Safe and Fast Passage of Emergency Vehicle Amit Ashish, Gandhiraj R and Manoj Panda 14:22:00 14:34:00
308 Day 2-21 528 Prioritization of regions for Covid Vaccinations using fuzzy logic Mansi Lende, Urvi Thaware, Rajita Sharma, Kaustubh Zade and Richa Makhijani 14:35:00 14:47:00
309 Day 2-21 575 Multi-attribute Decision Making Approach for Trauma Center Site Selection Problem: A case study in Metropolitan City Kaniz Fatema, Md Awlad Hossen Rony, Nusrat Zahan and Md Zahid Hasan 14:48:00 15:00:00
310 Day 2-22 529 SMART ROBOT DESIGN FOR TERRAIN TRAVERSE Shivam Pal, Souvik Ganguly, Sreejita Mazumder and Dr S Malarvizhi 13:30:00 13:42:00 https://meet.google.com/qjt-raxy-mef
311 Day 2-22 533 Breast Cancer Prediction with Gaussian Process Using Anthropometric Parameters Sheikh Tonmoy, Habiba Khan Hiya, Md Zahid Hasan, KM Zubair Hasan and Nusrat Zahan 13:43:00 13:55:00
312 Day 2-22 534 Performance Measurement of Multiple Supervised Learning Algorithms for Gender Identification from Bengali names Labannya Saha, Rakib Md Azhar Uddin and Sorna Saha 13:56:00 14:08:00
313 Day 2-22 535 Salinity-SNR based Dynamic Routing Protocol Meghna Savit and B R Chandavarkar 14:09:00 14:21:00
314 Day 2-22 505 Livestockly: An Application for providing veterinary services Sakshi Patil, Gaurav Patil, Harshwardhan Pardeshi and Surekha Dholay 14:22:00 14:34:00
315 Day 2-22 509 Market Basket Analysis Approach to Machine Learning Abul Hasnat Patwary, Md Tamim Eshan, Prazzal Debnath and Abdus Sattar 14:35:00 14:47:00
317 Day 2-23 517 Revolutionary 6G : Technologies, Architecture, Coverage, and Performance Amrita Kaul and Juhi Gupta 13:30:00 13:42:00 https://meet.google.com/dhd-hech-jmc
318 Day 2-23 520 DECENTRALIZED DOCUMENT HOLDER USING BLOCKCHAIN Vaidehi Vatsaraj, Jahnvi Shah, Shobhit Verma and Surekha Dholay 13:43:00 13:55:00
319 Day 2-23 531 A Data Mining Approach to Identify Human Behavior on Different Activities of Student Md Al-Mamun Billah, Md. Mehedi Hassan, M Raihan, Swarnali Mollick, Md Mehadi Hasan Shakil and Jarif Huda Angon 13:56:00 14:08:00
320 Day 2-23 577 Standardization Of Rainfall Prediction In Bangladesh Using Machine Learning Approach Nushrat Jahan Ria, Jannatul Ferdous Ani, Mirajul Islam, Abu Kaisar Mohammad Masum and Sheikh Abujar 14:09:00 14:21:00
321 Day 2-23 578 Refinement of Bengali Obscene Words using sequence to sequence RNNs Umme Sanzida Afroz, Md Rafidul Hasan Khan, Abu Kaisar Mohammad Masum, Sharun Akter Khushbu and Sheikh Abujar 14:22:00 14:34:00
322 Day 2-23 579 Image Processing Based Smart Traffic Control System for Smart City Vedansh Bhardwaj, Yaswanth Rasamsetti and Vipina Valsan 14:35:00 14:47:00
323 Day 2-23 582 Performance Evaluation of SDN Architecture Through D-ITG Platform for Distributed Controller over Single Controller Rakesh Salam and Ansuman Bhattacharya 14:48:00 15:00:00
324 Day 2-24 585 AUTOMATIC FETUS HEAD SEGMENTATION IN ULTRASOUND IMAGES BY ATTENTION BASED ENCODER DECODER NETWORK Prerna Bhalla, Ramesh Kumar Sunkaria, Aman Kamboj and Anterpreet Kaur Bedi 13:30:00 13:42:00 https://meet.google.com/iev-afvc-tjc
325 Day 2-24 586 An Image Forensic Technique Based on SIFT Descriptors and FLANN Based Matching Megha Gupta and Priyanka Singh 13:43:00 13:55:00
326 Day 2-24 587 Test Coverage Analysis of DFT with EDT and without EDT Architecture Gopikrishna K 13:56:00 14:08:00
327 Day 2-24 590 A PACKET EFFICIENT ARCHITECTURE FOR VANET BASED ON AODV AND CLUSTERING Heena Khanna and Dr Manmohan Sharma 14:09:00 14:21:00
328 Day 2-24 592 Quantum Resistance for Cryptographic Keys in Classical Cryptosystems: A Study on QKD Protocols Tinku Adhikari, Arindam Ghosh, Ajoy Kumar Khan, Swarnalina Laha, Purbita Mitra and Raja Karmakar 14:22:00 14:34:00
329 Day 2-24 594 DEMAND RESPONSE OPTIMIZATION FOR MIRCOGRID CLUSTERS WITH DEEP REINFORCEMENT LEARNING Ayush Sinha, Mrigyen Sawant, Harsh Kochar, Adarsh Abhijat, Ritik Seth, Priyatam Reddy Somagattu and Om Prakash Vya S 14:35:00 14:47:00
330 Day 2-24 596 POI and Future visitors recommendation Prathibhamol C P, Abishake Yr, Pushpak Kollisetty, Venkata Sivanaga Sai Kothamasu and Teja Sri Sai Suresh Grandhi 14:48:00 15:00:00
331 Day 2-25 377 A Deep Learning Model to Snore Detection Using Smart Phone Mohammad Wasif Ansari, Abhishek Rajak and Rohini Basak 13:30:00 13:42:00 https://meet.google.com/bpg-quuq-efr
332 Day 2-25 382 AI based Segmented Anomaly Detection Kiran S Raj and Priyanka Kumar 13:43:00 13:55:00
333 Day 2-25 387 Flick - Indigenous short video application Vasanth Gopa, Nishanth S, Vamsi Krishna Paturi, Venakata Sai Sri Alavandar Pabbisetty, Venkata Sai Paidipeddigari and Sijirani S 13:56:00 14:08:00
334 Day 2-25 388 Bangla Fake News Detection Based On Multichannel Combined CNN-LSTM Md Zahin Hossain George and Md Rafiuzzaman Bhuiyan 14:09:00 14:21:00
335 Day 2-25 399 Mobile Device and Social Media Forensic Analysis: Impacts on Cyber-Crime Debanjana Saha, Sajal Karmakar, Fernaz Narin Nur, Asma Mariam, Nazmun Nessa Moon and Akash Ahmed 14:22:00 14:34:00
336 Day 2-25 400 BLIND GUARD: Designing Android Apps for Visually Impaired Persons Md Yeasin Ali, Monir Hossain, Mozibul Hoque, Nazmun Nessa Moon, Asma Mariam and Mohammad Raiful Islam 14:35:00 14:47:00
337 Day 2-25 551 Early Detection of Lung Cancer Using Computer Aided Tomography Images Varun Mhatre, Vishwesh Vispute, Nitin Mishra and Kiran Talele 14:48:00 15:00:00
338 Day 2-26 402 Demonstration of Selective Forwarding Attack and Detection Mechanism in UnetStack3 B R Chandavarkar and Nakul Suresh 13:30:00 13:42:00 https://meet.google.com/ijk-wwfh-kva
339 Day 2-26 409 Price Listing Predictions and Forthcoming Analysis of Airbnb Anusha Garlapati, Kavya Garlapati, Neeraj Malisetty, Doredla Radha Krishna and Gayathri Narayanan 13:43:00 13:55:00
340 Day 2-26 415 An Optimal Algorithm to Maximize Vaccine Production in a Distributed Environment Sappa Saran, Mullapudi T Vignesh, Gurijala V S Sundar, Sandeep Naidu and Swaminathan J 13:56:00 14:08:00
341 Day 2-26 427 Resource Allocation in Cloud Using Enhanced Max-Min Algorithm Mala K, Priyadharshini S and Madhumathi R 14:09:00 14:21:00
342 Day 2-26 434 In-situ detection of Anomalies in the Acoustic Signal using Neural Network Approach Joshwin Darington M and Dr V Sathiesh Kumar 14:22:00 14:34:00
344 Day 2-26 552 How to tackle Climate Change using Artificial Intelligence Rishikesh Bamdale, Saurabh Shelar and Varsha Khandekar 14:48:00 15:00:00
345 Day 2-27 446 CYBER-BULLYING DETECTION VIA TEXT MINING AND MACHINE LEARNING Chetna Sharma, Rahul Ramakrishnan, Ayusha Pendse, Priya Chimurkar and Kiran T Talele 13:30:00 13:42:00 https://meet.google.com/tfc-jpkn-zwf
346 Day 2-27 457 Music Recommendation System Based on Emotion Pranesh Ulleri, Shilpa Hari Prakash, Kiran B Zenith, Gouri S Nair and Jinesh M Kannimoola 13:43:00 13:55:00
347 Day 2-27 458 Book Recommendation System Devika Pv, Jyothisree K, Rahul Pv, S Arjun and Jayasree Narayanan 13:56:00 14:08:00
348 Day 2-27 461 A HYBRID TRUST MODEL FOR CLOUD SERVICE PROVIDER SELECTION WITH NLP SUPPORT AND MALICIOUS FEEDBACK FILTERING Poluparthi Bhanu Prakash, Ghantasala Mani Kishan, Vankayala Bala Sai Praneeth, Atluri Manikanta Rishivardhan and Sarath Greeshma 14:09:00 14:21:00
349 Day 2-27 498 Automated Paper Evaluation System for Subjective Handwritten Answers Sarika Singh, Yash Shah, Yug Vajani and Surekha Dholay 14:22:00 14:34:00
350 Day 2-27 503 An Advanced Intelligence System in Customer Online Shopping Behavior and Satisfaction Analysis Nazmun Nessa Moon, Iftakhar Mohammad Talha, Imrus Salehin, Mohammad Monirul Islam and Refath Ara Hossain 14:35:00 14:47:00
351 Day 2-27 553 Comparitive study of GRU and LSTM cells based Video Captioning Models Harsh Maru, Chandana Tulasi Sai Siri and Dinesh NaiK 14:48:00 15:00:00
352 Day 2-28 597 Probabilistic Density-based Adaptive Clustering for Streaming Data Anandakrishnan Unnithan, Surya Kiran P, Vignesh L, Viswanath V and Simi Surendran 15:30:00 15:42:00 https://meet.google.com/dyw-cgkp-uxv
353 Day 2-28 600 An Analytical Overview of the State-wise Impact of Covid-19 in India Vidya Suresh, Rupal Lohani, Eric Varghese and Thara S 15:43:00 15:55:00
354 Day 2-28 601 Intensified Biological Signature Recognition in the Wild: A Case Study Dr Vidhyotma Gandhi and Dr Jaitag Singh 15:56:00 16:08:00
355 Day 2-28 603 Classical and Quantum based Differential Cryptanalysis Methods Priyanka Jojan, Kapil Kumar Soni and Akhtar Rasool 16:09:00 16:21:00
356 Day 2-28 606 MFCC Based Audio Classification Using Machine Learning Muthyam Surya, Asha Ashok, B Vimal, V S Sridhar and Darshan Kumar S. 16:22:00 16:34:00
357 Day 2-28 607 Neuromorphic computing: Modelling of 3D integrated circuit components using TSV Vaibhav Takawadekar and Yogita Vaidya 16:35:00 16:47:00
358 Day 2-28 608 Design & Development of Fingerprint Based Electro-Magnetic Door Lock System Mohammad Nasif Hossain, Ahasan Ullah Khan Supto, Md Mostafa Faruk and Shovasis Kumar Biswa S 16:48:00 17:00:00
359 Day 2-29 609 Cosmetic Skin Type Classification Using CNN With Product Recommendation Arya Kothari, Dipam Shah, Taksh Soni and Sudhir Dhage 15:30:00 15:42:00 https://meet.google.com/uet-tunc-uvd
360 Day 2-29 616 Weakly Supervised Image Annotation and Segmentation Dinesh Naik and Jaidhar C D 15:43:00 15:55:00
361 Day 2-29 617 Advancement of Quantum Methods in Principal Component Analysis Barkha Soni and Nilay Khare 15:56:00 16:08:00
362 Day 2-29 618 A System for Conversion of Hand-drawn Electrical circuit to Digital circuit: A Deep learning approach Indrajbir Singh, Vaibhav Singhal, Dixant Singhal, Harimurugan Devarajan, Ravi Verma and Sofana Reka 16:09:00 16:21:00
363 Day 2-29 619 Mitigation of electromagnetic interference in high speed circuits Kritesh Raikar, Vedant Sapte, Omkar Patil and Manisha Bansode 16:22:00 16:34:00
364 Day 2-29 620 Loss Optimised Video Captioning using Deep-LSTM, Attention Mechanism and Weighted Loss Metrices Naveen Yadav and Dinesh Nai K. 16:35:00 16:47:00
365 Day 2-29 621 AUTOMATING CAMERA ROVER FOR SPORTS BROADCAST Param Deshpande, Omkar Gaikwad, Manav Jain, Krisha Choksi, Prashant Kasambe and Surendra Rathod 16:48:00 17:00:00
366 Day 2-30 622 DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF A DUAL SPILT-RING BASED METAMATERIAL ABSORBER Keshav Bhati and Priyanka Jain 15:30:00 15:42:00 https://meet.google.com/vem-hnna-cnf
367 Day 2-30 623 Evaluation and Transformation Analysis of the Mithi River Saumya Deshmukh, Shrishti Karkera, Prachi Rawale and Chhaya Narvekar 15:43:00 15:55:00
368 Day 2-30 626 Machine Learning Approach to Recognise andClassify Double Handed Indian Sign Language Smriti Pillai, Adithya Anand, M Sai Jishnu, Siddarth Ganesh and Thara S A 15:56:00 16:08:00
369 Day 2-30 627 Feature Genuinization based Residual Squeeze-and-Excitation for Audio Anti-Spoofing in Sound AI Ruchira Ray, Sanka Karthik, Vinayak Mathur, Prashant Kumar, Maragatham G, Sourabh Tiwari and Rashmi T Shankarappa 16:09:00 16:21:00
370 Day 2-30 628 Emotion Based Music Recommendation System Using LSTM - CNN Architecture Saurav Joshi, Tanuj Jain and Nidhi Nair 16:22:00 16:34:00
371 Day 2-30 629 Consensus Agreement for Secure Transactions in Self Help Groups Adithya Narayan K A, Aswin Rakesh, Alok V, Ananthu M P, Sruthy Anand and Maneesha Vinodini Ramesh 16:35:00 16:47:00
372 Day 2-30 631 Analysis of Predictive Framework for Customer Churn using Dynamic Features Dinesh Kumar Jena and Abhyarthana Bisoyi 16:48:00 17:00:00
373 Day 2-31 632 Study of Overfitting through Activation Functions as a Hyper-parameter for Image Clothing Classification using Neural Network Aritra Ray and Hena Ray 15:30:00 15:42:00 https://meet.google.com/qjt-raxy-mef
374 Day 2-31 634 Comparison of three classifiers used in the detection of benign tumor and malignant melanoma skin diseaseS Rajesh Kumar Sahoo and Abhyarthana Bisoyi 15:43:00 15:55:00
375 Day 2-31 636 Classification of Diabetic Retinopathy from OCT Images using Deep Convolutional Neural Network with BiLSTM and SVM Md Ferdous Wahid and A B M Aowlad Hossain 15:56:00 16:08:00
376 Day 2-31 638 PREDICTION OF DIABETICS USING CHEMICAL REACTION OPTIMIZATION Saikat Majumder, Ahmed Irfan Sayed, Jannatul Ferdousi Jerin and Md Inzamam-Ul-Hossain 16:09:00 16:21:00
377 Day 2-31 640 E -Shaped patch antenna using wimax application for achieving a better result Arpita Vishwakarma 16:22:00 16:34:00
378 Day 2-31 641 3×1 Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator for IEEE 802.16d band and other Wireless Applications Avinash Goutia and Garima Tiwari 16:35:00 16:47:00
379 Day 2-31 642 TARGET ESTIMATION PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT IN COOPERATIVE RADAR AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEM SPECTRUM SHARING Srinath Gunnery, Pardhasaradhi Bethi, Prashantha Kumar H and Srihari Pathipati 16:48:00 17:00:00
380 Day 2-32 644 ACCIDENT FACE RECOGNITION SYSTEM USING HAAR CASCADE AND LOCAL BINARY PATTERN HISTOGRAM ALGORITHM Dharavath Sai Shanmukh, Rampogu Swaroop Raj, Vollu Yogasri Venkata Sai and Tammalla Rahul 15:30:00 15:42:00 https://meet.google.com/dhd-hech-jmc
381 Day 2-32 645 Q Slot Terahertz (THz) Novel Antenna Design for Wireless Communication Mohammad Monirujjaman Khan, Ratil H Ashique and Dr Bright Yeboah Akowuah 15:43:00 15:55:00
382 Day 2-32 646 OPTIMIZING RECURRENT NEURAL NETWORK USING NEUROMODULATION Akshata Hiremath, Inzamam Sayyed, Kshitij Ijari, Manjunath Bhat, Anchal Jain, Anand S Meti, Sunil V Gurlahosur and Shashidhara B Vyakaranal 15:56:00 16:08:00
383 Day 2-32 653 Sustainable Eco-friendly Reward Bin Using RVM by Detecting Recyclable waste and Generating points according to the weight of the Materials Mahadi Hasan Kamrul, Mehedy Hassan, Amit Roy and Md Azizul Hakim 16:09:00 16:21:00
384 Day 2-32 654 RFID BASED SECURE MULTIPURPOSE SMART CARD USING ARDUINO MODULE Vivek Raj K and Navya N 16:22:00 16:34:00
385 Day 2-32 656 Life Expectancy Prediction Based on GDP and Population Size of Bangladesh using Multiple Linear Regression and ANN Model Maksuda Akter Rubi, Md Hasan Imam Bijoy and Abu Kowshir Bitto 16:35:00 16:47:00
386 Day 2-32 422 A deep learning framework for the classification of lung diseases using chest X-ray images Vyshnavi M, Bejoy Abraham and Sivakumar Ramachandran 16:48:00 17:00:00
387 Day 2-33 448 AIRPLANE CRASH SEVERITY PREDICTION USING MACHINE LEARNING Jay Mehta, Vaidehi Vatsaraj, Jinal Shah and Anand Godbole 15:30:00 15:42:00 https://meet.google.com/iev-afvc-tjc
388 Day 2-33 532 A Novel Intellectual Hybrid Optimization Technique of IoT Assisted Energy Management Scheme for Smart Agriculture B Doraswamy, K Lokesh Krishna and MN Giri Prasad 15:43:00 15:55:00
389 Day 2-33 657 Optimal decision making for Deep learning based prediction with combinatorial optimization Thaharim Khan, Faisal Arafat, Aditya Rajbongshi, Dr Sheak Rashed Haider Noori and Zahid Hasan 15:56:00 16:08:00
390 Day 2-33 659 Development of Smart Height Measuring Scale Mohammad Monirujjaman Khan, Md Talat Mahmud and Faria Soroni 16:09:00 16:21:00
391 Day 2-33 660 A Novel Reversible Data Hiding Scheme in Encrypted Images using Arnold Transform Shaiju Panchikkil and Manikandan V M 16:22:00 16:34:00
392 Day 2-34 670 Low Cost and Modular Approach to Real-Time Vehicle to Vehicle Communication using Wi-Fi Sanjay M Santhosh, Hari Sankar S, Balagopal G, Jayakrishnan A U, Shehan P Rajendran and Sreelatha Ganapathy 16:35:00 16:47:00
393 Day 2-33 687 An Efficient Bio-inspired Algorithms for Selection of Dynamic Route to Avoid Traffic Flow in VANET Monika Patil and Ranjit Sadakale 16:48:00 17:00:00
394 Day 2-34 554 Students’ Adaptability Level Prediction in Online Education using Machine Learning Approaches Md Mahmudul Hasan Suzan, Nishat Ahmed Samrin, Al Amin Biswas and Md Aktaruzzaman Pramani K 15:30:00 15:42:00 https://meet.google.com/bpg-quuq-efr
395 Day 2-34 556 Movie Recommender System with Visualized Embeddings Sreenivas Jayanth Yadhati, Vikyath S, Vishnu Priya Maddela, Vishvesh Pathak and Prathibhamol C P 15:43:00 15:55:00
396 Day 2-34 557 Sentiment Analysis of Bengali Text using CountVectorizer with Logistic Regression Nasif Alvi and Kamrul Hasan Talukder 15:56:00 16:08:00
397 Day 2-34 558 Social Networking Sites Data Analysis using NLP and ML to Predict Depression Md Arafat Rahman Talukder, Md Tazmim Hossain and Nusrat Jahan 16:09:00 16:21:00
398 Day 2-34 559 R0fuzz: A Collaborative Fuzzer for ICS Protocols Ashwathi Sasi, Hariprasad K V, Season Cherian, Ayushi Sharma, Jayasree Narayanan and Vipin Pavithran 16:22:00 16:34:00
399 Day 2-34 564 Hybrid Word Embeddings for Classification of Nepalese News Dinesh Vishwakarma and Surabhi Adhikari 16:35:00 16:47:00
400 Day 2-34 571 Research and Development of Virtual Reality Application for Teaching Medical Students Mohammad Monirujjaman Khan 16:48:00 17:00:00
401 Day 2-35 580 Artificial Intelligence based Fake News Classification System Neel Save, Omkar Thopate, Vaibhav Waghe, Manisha Bansode and Najib Ghatte 15:30:00 15:42:00 https://meet.google.com/ijk-wwfh-kva
402 Day 2-35 581 Automatic Detection of Bikers with No Helmet and Number Plate Detection Sushant Kadam, Rushikesh Hirve, Nikhil Kawle and Payal Shah 15:43:00 15:55:00
403 Day 2-35 583 Ensemble Based Predictive Model for Streaming Data Duvvuri Abhinav, Chava Saran Sai, Malisetty Dheeraj and Surendran Simi 15:56:00 16:08:00
404 Day 2-35 584 Botnet Detection using Machine Learning Aswathi K B, Jayadev S, Nandana Krishna, Remya Krishnan and Greeshma Sarath 16:09:00 16:21:00
405 Day 2-35 591 Detecting Bots to Distinguish Hate Speech on Social Media Radhika Bailurkar and Nataasha Raul 16:22:00 16:34:00
406 Day 2-35 593 Making Sense : Common Sense Validation and Explanation Manav Gakhar, Nidhi Chahal and Apeksha Aggarwal 16:35:00 16:47:00
407 Day 2-35 610 INSIDER ATTACK: INTERNAL CYBER ATTACK DETECTION USING MACHINE LEARNING P Varsha Suresh and MS Minu Lalitha Madhavu 16:48:00 17:00:00
408 Day 2-36 611 Learning from YouTube Videos using Drona Extension Anirudh Chidambaranathan, Hariharan Krishnamoorthy, Chandu Chimakurthi N Sai Pavanmanikanta, Sanket Khandelwal and Sandhya Harikumar 15:30:00 15:42:00 https://meet.google.com/tfc-jpkn-zwf
409 Day 2-36 612 AngErza: Automated Exploit Generation Shruti Dixit, T K Geethna, Swaminathan Jayaraman and Vipin Pavithran 15:43:00 15:55:00
410 Day 2-36 613 Analysing Search Engine Trends with Respect to COVID-19 in India Rutvik Dumre and Muskaan Beriwal 15:56:00 16:08:00
411 Day 2-36 614 FAKE NEWS PREDICTION ON COVID DATASET USING MACHINE LEARNING C Rajalakshmi, T Subika and K Vaishali 16:09:00 16:21:00
412 Day 2-36 643 Twitter Sentiment Analysis on COVID-19 Rutvik Dumre, Aashka Dave and Shubham Mishra 16:22:00 16:34:00
413 Day 2-36 649 Technical analysis indicators in stock market using machine learning: A comparative analysis Yash Pardeshi and Preeti Kale 16:35:00 16:47:00
414 Day 2-36 655 'BACHAO' A One Click Personal Safety Device Mohammad Monirujjaman Khan, Md Talat Mahmud and Faria Soroni 16:48:00 17:00:00